If you never hear the call to glory,
And you live your life through honor and deed.
Then every time you look in the mirror,
You’ll see the face of the man that you wish you could be…


five-seventhsdeadlysin said: I miss seeing your posts and enjoying your banter/humor. But, I know, life happens, yada-yada-yada. I just wanted to let you know that you are not forgotten.

I’m still around the traps. It’s more and more difficult to find time for everything I used to do. A lot of my old friends commented that I’m posting less on Facebook, and of course, my last post on this thingie was 5 months ago.

To answer your question, I’m alive, well and exactly the same as I was before, with just a lot less time on my hands for everything. ;)


There comes a time…

when one realises, perhaps he isn’t as solitary as he once thought.

As of late, I have realised, that fewer people get my humour and logic than I once thought. Knowing this fact, it has occurred to me that people just clearly do not understand the workings of a superior/alternate psyche.

Most people would be resigning themselves to a lonely exile of a personality, an existence permanently defined by the complete dromedary-esque behaviour of the feebler minds of the human race we are surrounded by.

Noticing I use the term “we”, it has become quite clear to this vengeful being that there is at least one female mind (and a few males that I choose to associate with) that has caught the attention of yours truly.

When having a debate with a normal person, most people just resign themselves to defeat and brush off my attempts at lyrical candour as fanciful and humourous, when, on occasion, I actually do search for much more mentally titillating line of conversation.

Not me.

I have often questioned people about their beliefs, their faith, their reasoning and been met by a facade of “Oh, you’re just a nihilist” or, more commonly, “God, how rude can you be”

Not from her.

The mademoiselle has become somewhat of an enigmatic singularity in my world. Never have I met someone with both a grasp of the English language, an understanding (and if not understanding, self-educating) wit which is as sharp as a rapier and not to mention, a tendency to render me speechless with an intelligence that is often superior to my own.

There are rare occurrences in ones life where people met should be kept as comrades. This is one occurrence I most certainly wish to keep.


On occasion…

People read my blog. I just felt like posting for posterity.

Poop. That is all.

Ahm in yur house, steelin yur pohstz

Ahm in yur house, steelin yur pohstz

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Adele actually managed to set fire to the rain?

                      Hey look. Potassium.


Adele actually managed to set fire to the rain?

                      Hey look. Potassium.

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I paint a picture of my soul.

But it was blank, so I gave up.


I like Pong so much more now.


Stand up and be someone.



In the country. For some reason constantly hungry and bored brainless. Today, I spent the whole day walking into random kindergartens and asking to see their asbestos.

It’s actually quite fun, especially when some lady says “Don’t Jump” when I’m looking out a window and my instant response was “Why not?”. She didn’t laugh. I did.

So, my dash is covered in boobs, I like this. I don’t even have to search boobs to get some, just look at my tumblr thanks dnahelicase!

But, there is still the gnawing disappointment. Fuckit (Seriously have to listen to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PscqFGvRFPI).

Scarily yours,